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B&B La Gufa | Trulli and Nature

The name “La Gufa” (the female owl) came up in 1998 when Carmen and Tommaso crossed the thresholds of the little abandoned Trullo in the Itria Valley and found a little owl.
“La Gufa” was for them a discovery of Nature, far from the chaos of the city.
“La Gufa”, a wise animal as ancient as the stones of the trulli, represents for them Nature.
Tommaso was born in Bari, in the old town, in the summer of 1949. Self-thought by good readings and a few lucky acquaintances, after having fulfilled his life duties, he retired in the Itria Valley striving to become an olive grower and with a passion for artistic woodworking.
“Olive wood is the most beautiful wood that Nature could offer to the humankind. I love to rescue it from firewood, and to sculpt it following its unique sinuosity that Nature created through the centuries. Olive wood as well as cherry and pear wood and stones from the Pollino torrents give shape and life to my lamps.”

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